Choosing a wardrobe for your house

Whether in a suitcase, makeshift cupboard or a luxurious walk-in wardrobe, most people have a particular place where they keep or pile their clothes. How you maintain the storage space will determine the retrieval speed of clothes to get you to work on time. Irrespective of the size of your room, efficient and aesthetically pleasing storage closets will provide some order to your living space. If you have the privilege of building your home, do not leave your wardrobe design to chance.

Pay attention to wardrobe interiors and custom-make the closets to your specific needs. List down your wardrobe requirements such as a place for folded clothes, rods to hang long clothes or shirts and blouses and think through various options for drawer partitions.

Cheap can be very costly in the long-run should you decide to use an amateur local fundi or wardrobe builders as you could end up with drawers that cannot open or one with improperly fitted doors.

Right measurements

Local furniture shops now have a variety of options for different budgets. Talk to a professional closet designer who will help select the right height, weight and ambience for your needs. Wardrobes should be proportional to the rest of the room and in a colour that will complement the rest for the furniture.

Opt for modern interiors, which would include pullout dressing rails, shelves and drawers with soft closes. Tie racks for his ties as well as drawer dividers for socks, jewellery and inner wear are a great way to maintain order to your wardrobe interiors.

Select the right doors for your closets such as two-door, three-door or a four-door and consider sliding doors, especially where space is limited.

Consider using a colour scheme to your wardrobe area to provide delightful and a restful visual interest.

If the room is used by one gender, then you can coordinate accessorising items in one colour that would please the ladies or gentlemen such as blues or lilac for the ladies.

However, find a unisex colour if the walk-in wardrobe is for male and female users. Should you have the personality and patience, clothes can be arranged based on various colours.

That requires careful placement of clothes back to their storage position to retain the colour coding but the effort will be worthwhile as you enjoy a wardrobe ambience that is more pleasant and efficient.

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