Bunty Shah cremated in Nairobi County

The body of a tycoon’s son killed by suspected police officers was cremated on Wednesday at the Hindu Shamshan Bhumi crematorium in Kariorkor, Nairobi County.

Mr Bunty Shah, the only son of Mr Vipin Shah – the owner of Bobmil Industries Limited – was shot on Sunday at his family’s home at the junction of Peponi and General Mathenge roads in Westlands, Nairobi County.


He was pronounced dead on arrival at MP Shah Hospital.

On Wednesday, the Hindu Shamshan Bhumi crematorium was full of Mr Shah’s relatives and staff from Bobmil – the giant mattress company – with more than 100 vehicles in the vast compound.

Security was enhanced at the venue, with police officers strategically placed at vantage points within the precincts and at around 11am, the body arrived amid tight security akin to a Presidential escort complete with motorcycle leading the vehicle carrying the body.


The media was not allowed to take any pictures of the cremation process and the family declined to speak to journalists. Relatives said they were still mourning and conducting prayers.

“This is a solemn moment where the family is still in mourning and I do not think they can talk to the media. Let them be given space to pray and mourn in peace,” said businessman Vimal Shah, former Bidco Africa boss, who was at the cremation.

Shah’s body was taken round the rectangular crematorium table full of dry firewood. The body was covered in Hindu regalia, placed on top of the fire place and heavy dry logs methodically placed on all sides of the body and on top of it. His widow applied superfine ghee on his body before the fire was lit.


Witnesses had earlier told the Nation that on Sunday at 3am they heard a loud bang before an unknown number of hooded people stormed Shah’s compound in three vehicles after damaging the main gate.

On Monday, Mr Shah’s uncle Kiru Shah said Bunty, 32, woke up to find out the cause of the commotion and was shot in the chest at close range through his bedroom window. He said Mr Shah did not resist arrest.

Some reports said police involved in the killing were under investigation but in conflicting reports police denied being involved in the shooting.

Witnesses say some hooded individuals stormed compound in three vehicles.

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