BREAKING: Raila Statement on Re-arrest of Hon Babu Owino By Special Police

The National Super Alliance is deeply disturbed about the decision of the State to re-arrest Embakasi East MP Hon. Babu Owino shortly after his release on bail this afternoon.

We are concerned that the State is resorting to persecution, banditry and torture tactics where application and observation of the rule of law would suffice.

There is no justification whatsoever why the State did not consolidate its cases against the Hon Babu Owino and present them in court at once. The re-arrest of the MP is an act of intimidation of Members of Parliament with a view to having them toe the line of the Executive.

NASA condemns this trend and demand that it stops immediately. We call on President Kenyatta to lead the way in ensuring the rule of law is adhered to and that the State does not abuse and use the courts to intimidate legislators and all citizens.


SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

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