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BREAKING: CHAOS In Kisii Town As NYS And Jubilee Officials Caught Buying IDs, Uhuru Billboard Burned

Members allied to Jubilee Kisii COUNTY arrested in Dallas hotel buying I’D CARDS. Tension in Kisii town as Residents storm Dallas Hotel and threaten to burn people buying IDs in the area. They have been arrested with two A3 size envelopes full of IDs. It’s alleged that the IDs recovered were bought yesterday in Suneka.

The youth who are in a hunting spree to ensure no vote goes a waste in The upcoming presidential repeat election stormed the underground of the hotel and frogmarched them.

It’s said the members have camped there for three days with officers from NYS purporting to recruit youth to join the movement. Alongside two government vehicles were found packed in the underground packing lot as the ensued their dirty and rogue activity. Also present is NYARIBARI CHACHE MP allies trying to get the process right for the officers from NYS.

It’s clear police have come for their rescue after throwing teargas canisters to scare off angry citizens who demanded to know why JUBILEE is buying personal documents from members of the public

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