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Brains behind Thika Highway-

Raila Odinga


Raila Odinga ,the NASA Presidential Flag bearer, has come open to take credit on Thika Super Highway and the Bypasses in Nairobi and Major cities and towns across the Country.

On a live interview he made the remarks and said that all the designing and contracting of the major infrastructure were done during his tenure as the Minister of roads and Public Works.

He gave various examples of the road networks done under his instructions and monitoring including the SGR which he claims was usurped by the Jubilee government and re-tendered which ended up inflating the costs which ran into billions of shillings.

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He went further to tell off the Jubilee government who have been abandoned by the neighboring Countries because of inflating the cost of the SGR.

He now appeals to all Kenyans to judge him as a performer, and someone ready to continue his tireless work to uplift the living standards of every Kenyan by ensuring that they get better roads, healthcare, education and eradication of corruption in the government he is planning to form.

“Only corrupt cartels are fighting and maligning my name because they are fearing that all their evil deeds are coming to an end” he said.

He listed several Cities like Kisumu, Nairobi and Mombasa as having received a major overhaul of the road network and more work is coming immediately he is sworn in as the President of Kenya.

He is appealing to all Kenyans to shun violence and love one another and has extended an olive branch to all Kenyans who don’t support him that he will not let them down and his words will follow him if elected as the President.

“In my entire lifetime I’ve been fighting to ensure that all Kenyans are treated equally and fairy in all sectors and I want it to be done now and that’s the message I’m passing ┬áto all Kenyans and may God bless you all” he pleaded.


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