A piece of advice to rotten partisan media houses by Captain Collins Wanderi


By Captain Collins Wanderi
1. Politicians use ideologues to articulate, polemicise and give ideological shape to supposed grievances of certain regions or selected ethnic groups or “masses” in a State. The ideologues and analysts zero in on a litany of presumptive historical injustices to whip up extremist and negative ethnic emotions through the powerful use of ancient political myths, fiery speeches and sustained propaganda in the media; radio, television and newspapers. To spread finely tuned propaganda, politicians bribe and use established media houses and renowned journalists who report falsehoods and partisan political opinions as “news”.

Journalism is a honourable profession but in Kenya, partisan media houses; wayward journalists; bloggers & opinion writers have either chosen or been paid to abuse their editorial privilege and freedom of speech to preach ethnic chauvinism; extremism and OPENLY INCITE REBELLION against the State. From posts in their Social Media handles, it is impossible to tell whether many “journalists” report news or their personal political opinions. Hon. Moses Kuria, MP baptised it as “ethnic journalism” a few days ago.

A piece of advice to these pseudo-journalists; TV socialites, ideologues & analysts for hire. You may be feeling very powerful and invincible behind a camera, a microphone or an editorial desk at this point in time. However, if and when the rebellion which you are fomenting begins and a rifle dance ensues; you will then understand who wields real power; the rifle wielder or a scribe. And from the numerous RSD interviews conducted in the region since the late 90s, scribes hardly receive any sympathy, from rival rifle-dance troupes.

4. 11 (Eleven) is a very important number; see, a football game always starts with 11 players on each side, but even if one or several player(s) are sent off the pitch due to a foul or injury, the game does not stop, and the results/scores are always valid after 90 minutes. Being part of the starting 11 can be the ultimate honour or the kiss of death! It all depends on how the player(s) dribble! To keep playing, it is critical to learn how to dribble sensibly & reasonably!

NOTE: Do not mention any name(s) on this wall, but feel free to post screenshots of inciteful; partisan and derogatory posts by journalists for POSTERITY!

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