8 dead as Truck Horrifically plows into cyclists in Manhattan

eight people are already DEAD as a pickup truck plows through a long stretch of a bike path The attacker reportedly drove a rented Home Depot truck. Eyewitnesses say hey hit numerous people as he drove on the bike path

The NYPD said earlier in a tweet that they have the suspect under custody. They are also going through the phone logs and full history of the suspect. We currently know that the suspect allegedly used a Home Depot truck as to hide his identity/ licence plate.

KDRTV.com just obtained a report from a bystanders named Mr. Cruz. Cruz said the front of the truck was smashed and the driver appeared injured. Then Mr. Cruz said he heard someone yell, “He’s got a gun, run, run!”

American citizens are in shock as it now seems that every mount there is some type of Attack on USA Soil.

Currently President Trump is still watching the Hearing from Facebook on sweeping scale of Russian Influence in the election 

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